Have you ever experienced those business trips when you are stuck in a hotel room with no one but the telephone and are too scared to make a call because of the ridiculous hotel rates?

What about when you visit your relatives and want to call home, but are afraid to leave behind a huge telephone bill for your family to pay?

Well, not any more! Llamada Directa Recharge Plan roaming feature allows you to use the service from many countries such as Argentina, Spain, Etc. (Please call customer service for an up-to-date country roaming list).

You can use Llamada Directa Recharge Plan from your hotel room, a pay phone or from a friend\'s phone all for the same rates as you would from one of your registered phone numbers. All you have to do is dial the Llamada Directa Recharge Plan\'s Access Number in the U.S. or the roaming access number in the country that you are in, followed by you 10 digit PIN number so you\'re never stuck paying high prices because you don\'t have another alternative.

Llamada Directa Recharge Plan is your portable long distance service that you carry with you at all times, only it does not take up any additional room in your travel bag!

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