Are you one of those people that just live your life on your cell phone? Do you wish you had the flexibility to make all your international calls from your mobile phone without paying those astronomical rates of your wireless provider?

Most cell phone companies do not allow you to make international calls and if they do, the rates are outrageous. With Azultel\'s new Llamada Directa Recharge Plan, all you have to do is register your cell phone number as (Instant Access), and make all your international long distance calls as you were calling from home.

You can register your cell phone, either at sign up, or later by contacting Azultel\'s Customer Service. You no longer have to run home or buy phone calling cards when you need to make a long distance call.

So what are you waiting for? Use your cellular free night and weekend minutes to save money on all your calls so you don\'t even have to worry about using up your airtime!

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